Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Beloved Idol

Nabi Muhammad SAW dilahirkan pada tahun 571 Masehi melalui perkahwinan Aminah dengan Abdullah bin Abdul Mutallib bin Hasyim. Baginda adalah keturunan Nabi Ismail A.S bin Nabi Ibrahim A.S. Nabi Muhammad S.A.W adalah insan termulia melebihi tingkat dan darjat dari seluruh Nabi-nabi dan umat manusia, bahkan seluruh makhluk-makhluk Allah SWT. Sebab itu Rasulullah (Nabi Muhammad SAW) bergelar "Rahmatan Lil 'Alamin", ertinya "Rahmat bagi seluruh alam."

Rasulullah diberi kitab Al-Qur'an, diutus oleh Allah untuk seluruh bangsa di dunia ini. Sperti Nabi-nabi atau Rasul-rasul Allah terdahulu baginda pun mengajar dan menyeru manusia supaya menyembah Allah. Nabi Muhammad SAW adalah penutup dari sekalian Nabi dan Rasul. Agama Allah yang diwahyukan semenjak Nabi Adam secara bertahap-tahap lagi teratur dilengkapi dan disempurnakan Allah pada kenabian Muhammad SAW. Sebab itu tidak ada lagi Nabi dan wahyu sesudah baginda.....


~Memantap Ukhwah, Memperkasakan Ummah~

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If Only I Can Turn Back The Time...

I will never utter those words.


p/s-Really annoyed and tired of rhetorical things these days.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


RM25 after student price..

Sakit tu ujian dari Allah. Sakit tu penebus dosa.

Innalillahi wainnailaihiroji'un....

p/s-maulidurrasul & KPO & ID are coming...

Allah will help.

Surely He will.

Like today.

Traditional Kills Her.

"Pemalasnya!" -answer she would get if she wanna use washing-machine rather than wash with hand.

"Itu pun tak tau ke?" -a cynical question she would get if she asking about traditional stuff.

"Pelik" -a statement she would get if she comfortable studying using her lappy rather than reading from thick books.

So, if she is around 'them', she rather silent than speak.

But she begin to do not care, since all of the signatures coming from those who are not in the same jargon with her.

The way she live her life is quite different than them since she was small. And, to be fair, she is not so that into traditional stuff, after all. But that doesn't mean she leave her religion lesson. Never.

But, one thing she appreciate, they were so helpful; thing she can't deny. And never could she find it elsewhere. However, she really afraid, for she only can be herself when they are not around. Carefree to think, to smile, to laugh when they are not around. How can she fix this? Still, she find no answer. At all.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Segalanya Milik Mu

Kau yang menciptakan cinta
Dan Kau jua yang menghampar bahagia
Di ribaanMu terhimpun harapan
Impian tulus setiap insan

Kau yang mengutuskan duka
Dan Engkaulah yang mengirimkan hampa
Namun padaMu jua diadukan
Merebahkan keresahan dan tangisan

Aku tahu inilah kasihMu
Aku tahu inilah cintaMu
Dan ku tahu tiap yang terbaik untukku
Tak semuanya yang ku mahu

Di celah hangat nafas yang terhela
Ada dingin saat menyeru (menyebut) namaMu
Terarah segala ronta rasa
Pada damainya dakapanMu

Aku tahu inilah kasihMu
Aku tahu inilah cintaMu
Dan ku tahu di segenap ruang rasaku
Telah Kau titipkan kekuatan
Oh Tuhan


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lawatan Ke Rumah Asnaf

Semalam (20/2). Aku ke rumah asnaf 'Rumah Pengasih Warga Prihatin'. Anjuran Alumni MPP. Banyak juga belajar konsep baru dekat sana. Tapi aku tak sangka pulak kami (mpp dan mantan-lebih kurang 70 org), yang diraikan. I thought I will doing some housechores and gotong royong there....~

Banyak lagi gambar2 dan video. Tapi malas nak upload kat sini..:D


Friday, February 19, 2010

Akhirnya Ku Temui Kebenaran...

Setelah sekian lama, aku menemukan kebenaran. Dan kekuatan. Syukur, aku masih disayangi-Nya. :)

Teringat pada sebuah buku tulisan Dr Fathi Yakan yang mengatakan bahawa dalam kehidupan seorang muslim, mesti ada 5 benda nih yang menjadi halangan dalam perjuangan;

1)Orang mukmin yang dengki kepadanya.
2)Orang munafiq yang benci kepadanya
3)orang kafir yang memeranginya
4)Syaitan yang menyesatkan
5)Nafsu yang merangsangkan

"Hidup untuk berjuang" atau "berjuang untuk hidup"?? Anda tentukan.

p/s-can wait to see the orphan...(~_~)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Once Admiring Toyota..

Salam Alayk.

Can they come with a firm justification about the matter? It such a silly mistake done for a world's trusted company. Oh my! I start to question myself if I still want to own a Toyota in future (ade duit ke?hehe). After a big lost; effect for the first recall for its hybrid, now the company has been considering to make another move for its best-selling car, for the same safety reason.

Well, that would be a lesson, but for a Toyota-fan like me, I would probably think it as a 'bad luck' for them. It's not easy to establish a company, getting trust from the customers, and suddenly, letting them down. No more concrete reason can be given until the man of the company speak for himself. I just there any second chance on relying?~


TOKYO – Toyota is considering a recall of its hot-selling Corolla subcompact after complaints about power steering problemss— another blow to the world's largest automaker already reeling from a string of recalls for safety troubles.

Despite pressure from some lawmakers, President Akio Toyoda said he won't be attending the U.S. congressional hearing on the automaker's quality lapses, entrusting the job to U.S.-based executives — though would consider an appearance if the committee requests it. He said he wanted to focus on improving quality worldwide.

"I trust that our officials in the U.S. will amply answer the questions," Toyoda said Wednesday in his third news conference in two weeks. "We are sending the best people to the hearing, and I hope to back up the efforts from headquarters."

He said Yoshi Inaba, who heads Toyota Motor Corp.'s North American unit, was more familiar with the U.S. situation and was the best executive to deal with the hearing. Toyoda said he was still making plans to go to the U.S. and dates have yet to be set.

He said it was still uncertain if a Corolla recall would be necessary, but it is an option the automaker is considering.

He didn't disclose model years or regions that could be affected and said there have been fewer than 100 complaints. Toyota sold nearly 1.3 million Corolla cars worldwide last year.

Drivers may feel as though they were losing control over the steering, but it was unclear why, Sasaki said. He mentioned problems with thebraking system or tires as possible underlying reasons for the steering problem.

U.S. federal safety officials have also said they are examining complaints from Corolla owners about steering problems.

Toyota has already recalled 8.5 million vehicles globally during the past four months because of problems with sticking gas pedals, floor mats trapping accelerators and faulty brake programming.

Its once pristine reputation for quality has been hammered, and Toyota's share of the critical North American market has nose-dived. Last month was the first time since February 1998 that Toyota's monthly U.S. sales fell below 100,000 vehicles, according to Ward's AutoInfoBank.

Koji Endo, managing director at Advanced Research Japan, said the Corolla problems, if they expand into a recall, would deal another major blow to Toyota.

"If Toyota has to recall Corollas, I wouldn't be surprised if they have to recall more than a million units again. It's going to be another big, big negative," said Endo.

But others said Toyota was sending a message it was going to be quick and thorough about maintaining quality.

"It really shows the company has learned its lesson from the recall debacle by starting to announce every investigation far more quickly," said Ryoichi Saito, auto analyst at Mizuho Investors Securities Co. in Tokyo.

Analysts had mixed views about Toyoda's reluctance to show up at Congress — some critical but others saying it was OK.

Unlike Western chief executives, Japanese presidents are not always expected to be an authoritative figure and play more of a team leader role in a culture that values harmony and consensus. That role is even more pronounced for Toyoda, the grandson of the company's founder who holds special significance for rank-and-file workers and dealers in Japan.

The U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is holding a hearing on Feb. 24 on Toyota's gas pedal problems. The House Energy and Commerce Committee has scheduled one the next day.

Inaba, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and NHTSA Administrator David Strickland are expected to testify at both meetings. The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee has scheduled a March 2 hearing.

At Wednesday's news conference, a solemn Toyoda reiterated his promise beef up quality controls at the world's No. 1 automaker.

He promised a brake-override system in all future models worldwide that will add a safety measure against acceleration problems that are behind the recent massive recalls. The system is a mechanism that overrides the accelerator if the gas and brake pedals are pressed at the same time.

"We are not covering up anything, and we are not running away from anything," Toyoda said.

The automaker said it was also dealing with questions about whether the gas pedal flaw was electronic and reiterated its investigation has not found any electronic problems.

But it has commissioned an independent research organization to test its electronic throttle system, and will release the findings as they become available.

Scrutiny of Toyota is growing. The U.S Transportation Department has demanded Toyota hand over documents related to its massive recalls. The department wants to know how long the automaker knew of safety defects before taking action.

Reports of deaths in the U.S. connected to sudden acceleration in Toyota vehicles have surged in recent weeks, with the alleged death toll reaching 34 since 2000, according to new consumer data gathered by the U.S. government.

Toyota told NHTSA in January that the problem appeared in Europe beginning in December 2008. Toyota has said it began fixes on that in August 2009, but the company failed to link that with gas pedal problems in the U.S., which surfaced in October 2009.

Toyota took full-page ads in major Japanese newspapers Wednesday to apologize for the recalls in Japan, which affect the flagship Prius hybrid and two other hybrid models.

"We apologize from the bottom of our hearts for the great inconvenience and worries that we have caused you all," the black-and-white ads say.


Associated Press writers Mari Yamaguchi, Tomoko A. Hosaka, Shino Yuasa, Elaine Kurtenbach and Malcolm Foster in Tokyo contributed to this report.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

People, do you understand me now,
If sometimes I feel a little mad
Don't you know no one alive can
always be an angel
When things go wrong I seem a little sad
But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood

You know sometimes, I'm so carefree
With a joy that's hard to hide
Sometimes seems that all I have is worry
And then you're bound to see my other side
But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood

If I seem edgy, I want you to know
That I never mean to take it out on you
Life has its problems and I get more
than my share
But that's one thing I never mean to do
I don't mean it

People, don't you know I'm only human
Don't you know I have faults like any one
But sometimes I find myself alone regretting
Some little thing; some foolish thing
that I have done,
But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood
Don't let me be misunderstood
I'm just someone whose intentions are good
Don't let me be misunderstood,
Don't let me be misunderstood

Song by: Yusuf Islam

Entri Ini Khas Buat Raja & Kak Wani

Salam Alayk.

~Bercinta Sampai Ke Akhir Hayat Syurga~

Buat teman baikku, Raja Hasni,

Selamat melayari bahtera rumahtangga. Semoga dikau menjadi seorang isteri solehah di dunia & akhirat. Moga dikurniakan sebuah keluarga yang diberkati & dirahmati...insyaAllah.

Maafkan adda tak dapat hadir ke majlis hari ini (16/2), adda tak balik la cuti CNY ni..(T_T)
Adda doakan semoga semuanya berjalan lancar dan Aje dapat banyak hadiah..hehe

Untuk kak wani tersayang,

Semoga kebahagiaan milik Kak Wani selalu. Maaf Adda tak datang, tapi doa Adda mengiringi..Semoga kak wani menjadi isteri solehah dan dilimpahi redha Ilahi dalam rumahtangga.

"Cinta kepada Allah dengan ketaatan,
Cinta kepada Rasul dengan keperibadian mulia,
Cinta kepada jihad dengan perjuangan,
Cinta kepada makhluk dengan mentaati Allah, mencontohi Rasul dalam berperibadi, dan sentiasa hidup dengan perjuangan yang pastinya menagih pengorbanan..."

I love both of you...(^_^)


Monday, February 15, 2010

Kamu Cinta Dia?Jadi Kamu Sanggup?...

Baru semalam aku mendapat sms dari seorang seniorku yang sudah agak lama aku tak jumpa; dia sekarang sedang menjalani praktikal.Dia menanyakan aku tentang seseorang, yang aku sendiri tiada jawapan yang pasti. Bagaimana tindakanku selepas ini. Aku bukanlah insan yang sempurna untuk menegur kesilapan orang lain. Namun, aku pasti bahawa sesuatu teguran itu terpaksaku buat juga seandainya aku benar-benar menyayangi.

Kebetulan, hari ini aku mendapat begitu banyak input mengenai betapa pelajar hari ini terdiri dari kalangan mereka yang cerdik, tapi suka melakukan maksiat. Aku tidak menyalahkan mereka 100%, mungkin ada sebab lain mengapa mereka berubah.

Dosa..apa itu dosa? Apa yang mereka buat itu dosa, mereka tahukah? Bagaimana pula yang melihat dosa itu dari sudut pandangan yang berbeza. Dan melabelkan dosa pada peringkat-peringkat yang masih boleh diterima...aduii.

Aku berharap, agar insan tersebut membaca cebisan coretan ini. Aku sangat berharap agar aku dan dia bukan hanya berkawan sampai mati, tapi juga sampai ke syurga...


Panggilan dari ibu membuat aku terpaksa mengambil keputusan untuk pulang segera.

Walaupun aku bukanlah watak utama dalam keluarga, namun aku mesti bersama keluarga untuk selamatkan keluargaku. Hanya Allah yang tahu keadaan keluargaku.

Ingatan pada keluargaku menemani hari2 terakhirku di kampus.

Rasa berdosa kerana alpa kepada mereka. Jarak yang jauh bagiku bukan alasan untuk aku melupakan tarbiyah kepada mereka. Ya Allah...selama ni aku terlalu sibuk dalam mendakwah rakan2, sehingga aku lupa tanggungjawab kepada keluarga.

Aku melihat kakakku, abangku, mereka masih hanyut. Bagaimana mesti aku selamatkan mereka dr jurang neraka? Macam mana aku mesti selamatkan ayah dari ditarik oleh mereka ke neraka? Macam mana aku dapat menolong ayah dan ibu tentang amanah anak2 yang akan disoal kelak? Ya Allah, susahnya...aku tiada kekuatan ... aku hanya mampu mengawal adik2ku, tetapi tidak yang lebih dewasa daripadaku...

Macam mana patut aku bagitau kakak yang fesyen pakaiannya membahayakan dirinya?

Bagaimana patut aku bagitau kakak agar dia menjaga diri hanya untuk yang sah bergelar suami?

Bagaimana aku patut bagitau kakak bahawa dirinya begitu berharga?

Bagaimana patut aku bagitau kakak bahawa dia boleh jadi penentu samada ayah ke syurga atau neraka?

Bagaimana patut aku bagitau dia bahawa hidup kita bukan setakat di dunia?

Bagaimana patut aku bgtau abang bahawa sebaik baik hiasan adalah wanita solehah?

Bagaimana patut aku bagitau abang bahawa memilih isteri bukanlah dengan memilih sebarangan?

Bagaimana patut aku bagitau abang bahawa dia akan disoal tentang saudara2 perempuannya, ibu dan isterinya?

Bagaimana harus aku sedarkan dia beban yang dia pikul disisi Allah?

Bagaimana aku mesti selamatkan mereka dari jurang neraka?

Sedangkan dalam Alquran kita diperintahkan untuk menyelamatkan keluarga kita.

Aku takut...aku takut disoal tentang tanggungjawab ini..

Aku takut jika perjuanganku di luar tidak diterima, kerana aku alpa pada keluarga..

Aku sedih, kerana aku tidak banyak masa bersama keluarga

Aku sedih, kerana suaraku bukanlah suara tertinggi dalam keluarga

Aku sedih kerana aku seperti belum mampu berbuat apa2 untuk selamatkan mereka

Aku sayangkan mereka

Bagaimana aku patut usahakan agar aku dapat selamatkan ayah dr jurang neraka?

Aku bukan sesiapa dalam keluarga

Aku hanyalah kak lang, yang suaranya tidak begitu didengari

Kadang2 aku terfikir, alangkah bertuahnya sahabat2ku yg dilahirkan dalam keluarga yang bertarbiyah..

Mereka mungkin tidak merasa perjuangan untuk menyelamatkan keluarga seperti yang aku alami,

Kerana itu mereka sempat bercanda tentang jodoh.

Bercanda tentang menambah amanah.

Aku lihat mereka hebat sekali dalam perjuangan.. .

Mampukah aku mengubah keadaan keluargaku?

Mampukah aku menyelamatkan mereka dari jurang neraka?

Adakah sisa umur yg ada padaku, cukup untuk aku sampaikan risalah islam pada mereka?

yaAllah...selamatkan mereka...andai aku pergi menemui-Mu tanpa sempat aku lihat perubahan mereka, aku pohon belas kasihan-Mu pada keluargaku.. .

selamatkan kami....



Kamu Cinta Dia? Jadi Kamu Sanggup?

Khawlah Al-Azwar

Who is she? I dunno who is she. One of my junior said I am like her, if she can portrait one. Haha..I can't imagine I am a 'fragile' khawlah now at the moment. I need to manage and organise few things this weekdays. There will be something for me this weekend. I must prepare for it..~

Oh, back to the title, I try to know and find who is Khawlah Al-Azwar. I never thought there's people would view me such that. (I thought Rabiatul Adawiyah is enough). And for those who wanna read e-comic about this exceptional warrior, you can simply browse here

Here is the exract from what I read and got about Khawlah Al-Azwar:

Khawlah Bint Al-Azwar

Khawlah was the daughter of one of the chiefs of Bani Asad tribe, and her family embraced Islam in its early days. Her father's name is either Malik or Tariq Bin Aws. Al-Azwar was his nickname. Her brother, Dirar, was the knight and poet of his tribe, and was well known for his wisdom. His love for his sister and confidence in her capabilities were legendary. In fact, the brother and sister were so attached to each other that she was his companion wherever he went. He trained her on all arts of swordsmanship and she became also a perfect knight. Besides that, Khawlah mastered the noble art of poetry. She was a brunette, tall, slim and of great beauty.

Her name remained greatly unknown, until the battle of Ajnadin, not far from Jerusalem, where Drear lost his spear, fell from his horse, and was taken prisoner. She donned a male knight's attire, took her arms and rode her mare through the Roman ranks, using her sword skillfully against whoever tried to stop her. The Muslim soldiers, and their leader Khalid, watched her with great admiration, presuming that she was a man.

The Arab Historian, Al Waqidi, narrates in his book "The conquering of Al Sham (Greater Syria)"

"In a battle that took place in Bayt Lahyah near Ajnadin, Khalid watched a knight, in black attire, with a large green shawl wrapped around his waist and covering his chest. That knight broke through the Roman ranks as an arrow. Wondering about the identity of the unknown Knight Khalid and the others followed him and joined battle,

Rafe' Bin Umayrah Al-Ta'if was one of the fighters. He described how that knight scattered the enemy ranks, disappearing in their midst, to reappear after a while with blood dripping from his spear. He swerved again and repeated the deed fearlessly, several times. All the Moslem army was worried about him and praying for his safety. Rafe' and others thought that he was Khalid, who won great fame for his bravery and genius military plans. But suddenly Khalid appeared with a number of knights. Rafe' asked the leader:

"Who is that knight? By God, he has no regard for his safety!"

Khalid answered that he didn't know the man, though he greatly admired his courage. They were fascinated as they watched the knight appear with a number of Roman knights chasing him. Then he would turn around and kill the nearest before resuming his attacks.

The Romans eventually lost the battle and fled, leaving many dead and wounded in the battlefield. Khalid looked for the knight till he found him. By then he was covered in blood. He praised his bravery and asked him to remove his veil. But the knight did not answer, and tried to break away. The soldiers wouldn't let him do that. And everyone asked him to reveal his identity.

When the knight found that there was no way to avoid that, he replied in a feminine voice:

"My prince, I did not answer because I am shy. You are a great leader, and I am only a woman whose heart is burning."

"Who are you?" Khalid insisted.

"I am Khawlah Bint Al-Azwar. I was with the women accompanying the army, and when I learnt that the enemy captured my brother, which lead me to do what I had to do."

Khalid ordered his army to chase the fleeing Roman Army, with Khawlah leading the attack, looking in all directions for her brother, but in vain. By noontime, the victory was decisive. Most of the Roman soldiers were killed.

Knowing that the prisoners had to be somewhere, Khalid sent Khawlah with a number of knights to find them. After a hot chase, they managed to catch up with a Roman detachment that was taking the prisoners to their headquarters. Another fight took place, the Roman guards were all killed and the prisoners saved.

In another battle in Ajnadin, Khawlah's spear broke, and her mare was killed, and she found herself a prisoner. But she was astonished to find that the Romans attacked the women camp and captured several of them. Their leader gave the prisoners to his commanders, and order Khawlah to be moved into his tent. She was furious, and decided that to die is more honorable than living in disgrace. She stood among the other women, and called them to fight for their freedom and honour or die. The others were enthusiastic to her plan. They took the tents' poles and pegs and attacked the Roman guards, keeping a formation of a tight circle, as she had instructed them.

Khawlah led the attack, killed the first guard with her pole, with the other women following her. According to Al Waqidi, they managed to kill 30 Roman knights, while Khawlah was encouraging them with her verses, which in fact caused the enemy's blood to boil.

The Roman Leader was infuriated by what happened, and led a detachment of his knights against the women, though he tried first to tempt them with many promises. He told Khawlah that he planned to marry her and make her the first lady of Damascus. But she answered him calmly and with great contempt:

"I wouldn't even accept you to be the shepherd of my camels! How do you expect me to degrade myself and live with you? I swear that I'll be the one to cut off your head for your insolence."

In the ensuing battle, the ladies proved their mettle, keeping their grounds for some time, encouraging each other and driving off the attackers with their long poles. Suddenly, Khalid and the army reached the battlefield. In the ensuing fight, over 3000 Romans were killed. The women who took part in the fighting were proud to say that Khawlah killed five knights, including the leader that insulted her.

In another battle, the Muslims were overwhelmed by a much bigger Roman army. Many soldiers fled away, but not for long. Khawlah and the other women met the fleeing soldiers, questioning their claims of bravery and forced them to return to the battle. The men were stunned when they saw Khawlah drawing her sword and leading a counter-attack. They turned their horses and joined the battle, which was eventually won.

One of the knights present that day said:

"Our women were much harsher with us than the Romans. We felt that going back to fight and die was much easier than facing the fury of our women later on".

Khawlah became a legend during her life and remains a legend till this day. She set an example to men and women alike that one should fight for what he or she believes in, and never accept defeat.

Source: "Great Women of Islam" - by Dar-us-Salam Publications

With doa from all of you, I will be determine as her. Her bravery would accompany me throughout my journey on this challenge term.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Have to Accept the Fact That I've Grown Up

Semalam merupakan hari yang aku tak dapat lupakan. Kepatuhan aku diuji. Diuji dengan kerinduan dan perasaan fed-up yang melampau. Aku rindu suara mujahid. Aku rindu suara manja kakak. (Biasalah kalau dah berjauhanlah baru rindu yang baik-baik sahaja)

Tapi, ada kerja lain yang lebih penting. Janji pada sebuah tanggungjawab. Komitmen aku ke arah itu lebih diperlukan pada saat ini. Lagipun kalau balik 2 hari je tentu tak sempat hilang letih. Lagipun mesti balik nanti tidur rehat memanjang.

Namun dalam hati masih rasa nak balik. Sekejap pun takpelah. Dalam aku tak puas hati tu, aku bukak qur'an, baca satu surah. Surah At-Taubah. Sampai pada ayat
[24] Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): "Jika bapa-bapa kamu, dan anak-anak kamu, dan saudara-saudara kamu, dan isteri-isteri (atau suami-suami) kamu, dan kaum keluarga kamu, dan harta benda yang kamu usahakan, dan perniagaan yang kamu bimbang akan merosot, dan rumah-rumah tempat tinggal yang kamu sukai, - (jika semuanya itu) menjadi perkara-perkara yang kamu cintai lebih daripada Allah dan RasulNya dan (daripada) berjihad untuk ugamaNya, maka tunggulah sehingga Allah mendatangkan keputusanNya (azab seksaNya); kerana Allah tidak akan memberi petunjuk kepada orang-orang yang fasik (derhaka).
[38] Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Mengapa kamu, apabila dikatakan kepada kamu: "Pergilah beramai-ramai untuk berperang pada jalan Allah", kamu merasa keberatan (dan suka tinggal menikmati kesenangan) di tempat (masing-masing)? Adakah kamu lebih suka dengan kehidupan dunia daripada akhirat? (Kesukaan kamu itu salah) kerana kesenangan hidup di dunia ini hanya sedikit jua berbanding dengan (kesenangan hidup) di akhirat kelak.
[41] Pergilah kamu beramai-ramai (untuk berperang pada jalan Allah), sama ada dengan keadaan ringan (dan mudah bergerak) ataupun dengan keadaan berat (disebabkan berbagai-bagai tanggungjawab); dan berjihadlah dengan harta benda dan jiwa kamu pada jalan Allah (untuk membela Islam). Yang demikian amatlah baik bagi kamu, jika kamu mengetahui.
...aku terhenti.

Ya Allah! Aku ini dalam golongan mana?