Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Heart Song

Hear now my heartsong

My heart calls to You

That You guide me, my Lord

Through my soul’s long dark night

I send my heartsong across the empty silences to You

May You fill me with peace and with light

Lost in an ocean of doubt and confusion

And I’m seeking Your budding beacon light

Strengthen my hand and my heart when I’m faulter

For I cannot weaken if You are with me

Thrust me on forth in this path that I wonder

The way of the heart is a long road and hard

Send me a light and a lantern to guide me

This world weary traveller is yearning for hope

Yet still I stumble ever of a wondering soul among the lost

Searching for the way that leads back to You

Would that I had the wings of Gabriel to ban me aloft to the Lord of the Throne

Oh how blessed those who have found You

Their hearts contemplating the Light of Your Love

So let this be the prayer of the traveler who yearns for You

Oh Lord, guide me gently to my journey’s end