Tuesday, June 30, 2009

P.S-I love you...

I am not good at technical things.

That's why I always experience awful incidents regarding technology. So I choo
se to not rely on technology; solely.
Last time my assignment was disappeared. I was about to finish my last design on it when somebody accidentally pulled the wire. The fuse. What so ever I don't know the name actually. Then the document was gone. Then there was me: crying. The clock was striking 4 am when I finished my assignment. The presentation was on 8.30 am. .

Thank God, my presentation went well; despite all the clumsiness.

This time, my 8G thumb drive has made me mad. I don't know whether this thumb drive is so weak that it can't restrain viruses or what. But most of my documents corrupted when there's virus detected in it.

gambo hiasan

And this week, I have to do some documents. Using microsoft publisher. Again, I am not good at technical things. God, help me...
lukisan alam..subhanallah (mencari ketenangan di sebalik keindahan ciptaan-Nya)
To Someone I Call Friend

In my journey throughout this life, I owe many persons. A lot. No matter how I could describe it, it won't make things fairer to them. I love my friends. Really do. I can't stand watching them sad. But sometimes I don't have the power to change things that already happened and were destined by Him. I cry to know how suffer they were, yet I just can say some words to them. I suffer to feel what they experienced, yet it's still not me who was in their shoes. My dear friends, if you happen to read this entry, I want you to know that I love you and may Allah bless our friendship. I know you already went through a lot of obstacles in your life. And having me as a friend, I don't know whether I am helping or not; to less your burden.

Becoming a friend to all of you is so great and wonderful. I learn a lot. From the smallest to the biggest thing. When I have trouble, all of you are always there. And I always ask myself. "Am I dreaming? to have such friends." But still, there is only small things that I could do as a reward. I remember when a friend asked me one afternoon; "am I a good person? what do you think is my weakness?" and my heart felt like..bursting out hearing that question. "No..you are already perfect in my eyes." (The fact is, you are so kind-hearted that I am worry it will make other people take advantage of you!)

And there is another friend I met during my childhood is still my friend in these days. I remember when I was 10, when I was transferring to my new school because my father had to work at his new workplace; I went to my new school and felt alienated. I didn't bother to have friends at my new school because everything was so different compared to my previous school which was a private school at that time. But, studying at 4 Melur was an advantage. I met this girl and we were friends. One day, the teacher announced that this girl was going to transfer to Kuala Berang, quite far from the school that I knew I was no longer could see her. Then we exchanged home addresses and began to write letters. I remember there would always a pantun at the end of her letters. When I was 13, things changed. I went to this boarding school and left those letters at home. Soon, I found that those letters had gone. Then my memory with this girl was wrapped; somewhere I didn't know. One fine day in 2007, I got a message from another old friend, telling that there's a person who was trying to find me so badly that she messaged me via friendster. So, I just agreed to 'meet' the person in fs. To my surprise, the person is her! The girl that I had not met for nearly nine years! I can't help but was very happy to have her as a friend in my life again. How Allah meets us up!


Anyway, these are only pieces stories of my friends. Every friend is unique and precious. In Islam, the best ukhwah(friendship) is defined by one final occurrence when a friend dares to risk his/her life to his/her friend. And willing to give and share things like no others. Like what sahabat had done to Rasulullah SAW and vice versa. For me our acceptance toward friends is important. Seeing is not believing. Give as an example; though we usually see a friend is late to class, what can we actually expect? I am sure most of us would say that this guy/gal is not being punctual enough, and would being cynical to him/her. But then again, if we think it in another angle, we could initially assume that there must be something happen that my friend is late today and ask him/her what happen (because communication is significant), and try to accept it if it's negotiable. Yet, this is just a simple case. My point here is, husnuzhon (positive regard) is the main key to keep a pleasant friendship.

When we are associating to hook as many friends as possible, why don't we expand the purpose of friendship to be friends not only in this world, but also in the hereafter? If we think of a friendship that could make us laugh and a shoulder to cry just in this world, then it would be a loss that could lead to a trite lonesome. Conversely, becoming friends that could together laugh and cry in this world, whilst reminding each other about the importance of hereafter is a profitable 'investment'.

So, inevitable conclusions here; be yourself, love your friends and make friends with the intent to be friends in paradise.

Uhibbuki (Arabic) means I love you (female)
p.s-my friends,I love you.~_~


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Alahai adikku sayang...

"Dan berilah peringatan, kerana sesungguhnya peringatan itu memberi manfaat bagi orang yang beriman."(Maksud surah Adz-Dzaariyat:55)

"Kakteh, kakteh suka warna menda (apa)?" soal adikku, shafiah yang berusia 9tahun yang mesra dipanggil 'kakak' dalam keluarga kami ketikaku sedang membaca surat khabar pada suatu petang cuti baru-baru ini.

"Hmm..bakpe (kenapa) kak?", jawabku acuh tak acuh sambil mata masih menumpu ke arah helaian suratkhabar yang dibaca.

"Dop eh..(Taklah), saje tanye..cepat la..kakteh suka warne menda?" tanyanya lagi dalam nada merengek sambil tangan mula cuba mengetuk bahuku supaya memberi perhatian pada sebaris soalan tadi. (Nak bermanja lah katakan..)

"Oklah..oklah..kakteh suka warne biru." jawabku bersahaja.

"Owh..pahtu (lepas tu), kakteh suka baca buku menda?" si kecil shafiah bertanya lagi.

Tanpa mengesyaki apa-apa, pantasku menjawab, "kakteh suka baca novel.."

"Lagi, kakteh suka minum air menda?" soal kakak lagi.

"Hmm..suka minum..air apa ya? air laici." Jawabku. Seronok juga melayan kakak ni, fikirku tanpa merasakan ada maksud tersirat di sebalik semua pertanyaannya tadi.

"Kakteh..kakteh mati esok-esok owk(kan)..orang balut dengan kain kapan warna biru, orang tak baca yaasin, tapi orang baca novel kat kakteh. Pahtu (Pastu) orang siram kubur kakteh ngan air laici...."kakak menerangkan sambil tersengih menampakkan gigi arnabnya..seronok agaknya dapat mengenakan diri ini.

Terkedu seketika mendengar jawapan kakak. Bak kata hlovate, nasib baik tak jatuh rahang.

"Kakak ni..terkena kakteh..dop baik nguh.. (Tak baik tau..)mana kakak dapat teka-teki ni?" pelik juga diriku dari mana kakak mendapat gurauan/permainan/teka teki sebegini.

"Kawan kakak teka masa kat sekoloh (sekolah).."
jawab kakak sambil tersengih-sengih..

Alahai adikku sayang!

Telah diriwayatkan bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w telah bersabda,maksudnya:
"Banyakkanlah mengingati perkara(mati) yang menghancurkan segala kelazatan dan memecahkan jamaah."

(Hadith riwayat Nasai', Tirmidhi, Ahmad, Hakim dan Ibn Hibban: Amir al-Muhaditheen (pemimpin para muhadithen) Shaikh-ul-Islam Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani berkata: "Hadith ini Hasan").

Rasulullah SAW bersabda lagi: "Dunia ini penjara bagi orang mukmin dan syurga bagi orang kafir."
(Riwayat Muslim)


Friday, June 26, 2009

Memang betul pun..

"Tiada pembicaraan rahsia antara tiga orang melainkan Dialah yang keempatnya dan tiada (perbicaraan antara) lima orang melainkan Dialah yang keenam dan tiada (pula) perbicaraan antara (jumlah) yang kurang dari itu atau lebih melainkan Dia ada bersama-sama mereka dimanapun mereka berada kemudian Dia memberitakan kepada mereka pada hari kiamat (nanti) apa yang telah mereka kerjakan. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui segala sesuatu." ( Maksud Surah Al-Mujaadilah:7)

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful..

Actually I have a lot to share with you out there. But I guess time constraint would never compromise me to do so. So I just summarize what I actually think in a few days ago. There were so many things happened, and also there were so many stories and dramas I watched back then during my holiday at home, (when I had nothing to do)..turned on the tv and I got so many dramas to watch. Most of them are not so realistic; name them; Bio-Nik, Kasut Tumit Tinggi, Zati dan Si Mawas, Keliwon, La Dolce Amira etc..etc..etc..none of them could bring us to think in depth about what is actually happened in our country; and our Islam as addeen.
Do you really know what is happening in our country by all the absurdities? It is totally outrageous; the appearance of the actress and actresses.. lebih omputih dari omputih. But then again, there was a drama that finally had grabbed my attention. I watched "Murabbi" on Astro Oasis that night, I already forgot the date, but it made me think of a desperate and crucial need of indirect counselling towards anyone of us. The story is about a teacher quit her job just because she wanted to fulfill the last wish of her former educator at her previous learning institution. She had done a great contribution, and sacrificed a lot. Well, that's the only thing I can plot. (I hope I can tell you more but I think it would be better if I let you watch it yourself). In everything we do in life, we are not aware of what we actually do unless there is someone hold you and be your guide. And you will find that what you are today is more or less is a result of people around you; whether they play important roles or not.I remember my mom said that the films and stories which had been proposed and shown in theatres were not that well-pictured to make teenagers think of what is actually happened in our country; or even the new social problems phenomena that come in so many brands; rempit, bohsia, anak halal, etc..etc..etc..the producers, actress, actresses just think of the money of their investment! They think of strategies to sell their story, target audience...and that's it! They would never bother to think about, "do the teenagers actually feel sorry on what they had done?" No! They never discuss it further. In fact, they just think about,"am I professional and expert enough to act the character? My appearance is not bad ah? Aiyahh..this is all to my fans out there.." And it is the same for the typical audience; they would never go to cinema if it is not for fun! Do you think there are funky teenagers who are ill-behaved would be remorseful once they watch the pictures ?...
watching movies..one of these days' favs

What next? I don't have the answer. But do you know what? As long as our teenagers and society is been indulged with that kind of entertainment (and not to mention, the reality tvs), the social problems would never go down and it's time for us to stop thinking; ,"jaga tepi kain sendirilah! kubur masing-masing.."
If so, then why must someone else buries you if it's not because we'll be asked about whatever we do as a vicegerent whom has mind to think?
suka atau tidak,kita akan mati apabila sampai masanya

Rasulullah SAW bersabda sewaktu beliau ditanya, "Apakah deen itu?" Beliau menjawab dengan sabdanya, "(Deen itu) adalah akhlak yang baik." (Hadith riwayat Muhammad Ibn Nasr al-Maruzi secara mursal)

Beliau juga pernah ditanya "Apakah kecelakaan itu?" Beliau menjawab dengan sabdanya,"(Kecelakaan itu) ialah akhlak jahat." (Hadith riwayat Abu Daud dan Ahmad secara mursal)


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Syukur pada Allah swt...

subhanallah..green rose, cantik kan?-gambar hiasan

Assalamualaikum wbt..
Thanks a million times to you out there who is viewing and reading simple lines here. Anyway, I won't write anything that would puzzle your
mind yet such that poems, thriller stories, and so on so forth. (although I do keep a dream to write some on any of these later on) I just like to inform that I will continue my study in a week to come. My latest result was a bit satisfying, I am so grateful although I am not fully contented,though. Why? Because I never experienced a drop graph of result in my univ's period. So, it was quite a tough fact for me to accept that my latest result drops 0.11 points and I think it is a signal from Him to make me aware of my dispirit effort which I do not give my full endeavor or make a blast on top of what I can actually give. But then again, that's the nature of human; repents on a thing that is actually happened.

p/s: ada orang tak bagi tayang result ana kat blog ni sebab dia cakap riak...kan angah kan?:D Apapun, kita sama-sama belajar dari kesilapan. Apa yang penting? Belajar..cari ilmu dan jaga keberkatan ilmu yang ada.

lagi bunga mawar hijau yang cantik-gambar hiasan

Setiap orang akan diuji. Benar..takde orang yang akan dibiarkan tanpa ujian dari Allah. Kalaupun anda melihat orang itu ketawa, apakah benar dia tiada masalah? Mungkin hatinya sahaja yang tak terluahkan apa yang sebenarnya dia rasa. Ataupun bila seseorang itu sedang termenung sedih..apakah kesedihannya dapat kita baca? Tidak sekali-kali. Allah SWT akan menguji setiap hambaNya menurut tahap keimanan seseorang. Ahh..sudah biasa aku dengar! Sudah bosan! Sabar. Sesungguhnya sabar itu lebih mudah daripada tidak bersabar. Sabar-sabar! Sampai bila? Apakah kita ini ingin menjadi hambaNya yang ingkar, yang di setiap apapun yang dialami, tidak pernah bersangka baik terhadapnya? Mungkin ada antara usaha kita tidak mendapat redha dari-Nya lantaran perbuatan hamba itu sendiri. Cuba kita hisab diri kita; dalam satu hari yang telah kita lalui, berapa banyak dosa yang telah kita lakukan? Rasanya tak sanggup kita hitung. Terlalu banyak. Solat yang tak terjaga, hati yang lalai, perasaan yang selalu menurut hawa nafsu..Astaghfirullah..Dan berapa banyak pula masa kita betul-betul mengingati Allah sebagai Tuhan Rabbul Izzati, sumber segala yang kita miliki? Rasanya pejam mata belum tentu akan menemukan kita dengan jawapan yang pasti. Di depan mata tersedia segala benda yang melekakan, menghampirkan kita pada kelalaian daripada mengingati Allah. Dan mengingati mati. Sedangkan orang yang paling bijak adalah yang paling banyak mengingati mati dan mempersiapkan dirinya untuk menghadapi sakaratul-maut. Betapa peritnya tubuh seandainya mati dalam keadaan suul khatimah. Lalu dilihat pada diri, aduh..rasanya amalanku terlalu sedikit untuk menghadapi kematian. Masih banyak perkara yang belum aku langsaikan; hutang piutangku, permohonan maafku terhadap ibubapa,kawan taulan..ah, paling penting! untuk aku bertaubat pada Allah!

Sedikit sebanyak muhasabah penulis sewaktu dalam perjalanan ke tempat menimba ilmu beliau. Sama-sama muhasabah, moga hari ini lebih baik dari semalam.

"Dan ingatlah tatkala Tuhanmu memaklumkan sesungguhnya jika bersyukur pasti Kami akan menambah (nikmat) kepadamu dan jika kamu mengingkari (nikmatKu) maka sesungguhnya azabKu amat pedih." (Ibrahim:7)

"Peliharalah Allah, Ia akan memeliharamu. Peliharalah Allah engkau akan mendapati-Nya bersamamu. Kalau Engkau meminta sesuatu mintalah kepada Allah. Jika engkau meminta pertolongan mintalah pertolongan Allah. Ketahuilah, sekiranya seluruh umat berhimpun untuk memberi sesuatu manfaat kepadamu mereka tidak akan dapat memberi manfaat kepadamu kecuali apa yang akan dituliskan Allah kepadamu dan sekiranya seluruh umat berhimpun untuk melakukan bencana ke atasmu mereka tidak akan dapat melakukan bencana kecuali apa yang telah dituliskan Allah ke atasmu. Kalam telah diangkat dan kertas telahpun kering."

(Hadith diriwayatkan oleh At-Tirmidhi daripada Ibnu Abbas dan At-Tarmidhi berkata: Ini adalah hadith Hasan Sahih.)