Saturday, August 29, 2009

It Has Been Ages...

I am really sorry for it takes a really long time for me to bring you an update. There's thing that couldn't be avoided last month, so I think I just put my blog in a sleep mode.

Today is already the ninth day for muslims to fast, and I am going to take this opportunity to wish all of you out there; happy fasting, may you all be blessed. (Better late than never~)

"Ramadhan was originally a mercy, the middle is Maghfirah (Forgiveness) and finally is a release from the Fire"

(HR Ibnu Khuzaimah)


  1. Ah.. the wait. a post at last.

    Ramadhan Kareem sister...

  2. oh, kak dyana..
    its really dusty here..ramadhan kareem to you too. btw, i got so many things to cope right now..pray for my success!~_~

  3. Salam ramadhan kareem. Long time not to see u. Welcome back. hope to read ur meaning full writing.All the best, pray for me to..

  4. Thanks TG..Ramadhan kareem~ I do hope i have ample time to write. I really have thing to write at times, but somehow i have to put my attention to other thing that is much more important. I hope after this there is no such impediment. Really hope my blog could be meaningfully read by others as well. Insha Allah, i will pray for u too..happy fasting and searching for mardhatillah!~