Friday, September 21, 2018

What do you regret in life?

There’re so many answers to this question. Some are trivial while some are really nerve-racking experiences, leaving you broken.

Few events have left me wondering, what is the things that I want to achieve in this short life. Perhaps, any of us ever been in the situation where you were in a group of pious people, then life started to change. We enter phases of life. It's mandatory for some. As we don't really know what's in front of us, we bring ourselves our thoughts and value within to face the next phases. Yet, some of us fail to overcome the challenges in those phases.

In every phase, there are quite many obstacles. From the fake partner/friends, hypocritical colleagues, and far-from-thoughtful juniors/seniors as well as family members. Nonetheless, no man is an island. I realise we should always try to make things at ease for every of us. Whether we are tested with those things we have never imagined of.

What do you value most?

Thanks to this question, I gather most of my insights here. I value most...the knowledge. Especially from my early age, as it's the most significant part of learning in my life since the fact that the fundamental knowledge in life would retract us to our basic state. Among the knowledge is about Tauhid.

The second thing I value most is the purpose or intention in anything I do. Or we call it as ikhlas in Malay, because this is very hard to be practiced nowadays. When money and possessions have become somewhat the new god to the people, everything is very much related to these two things in most of the actions. I never said money is not important, however if the intention is partly because of this motive the thing we do will never last long, as well as the feeling we put into.

Well, this explains much why I don't like people to find out my financial state. Yes, nowadays people judge and classify you into your materials. I got some savings in three places but I never feel the need to expose them, even to my loved ones. (Because for the biggest portion, I can only withdraw it when I turn 55 years old. Lol.)

Apart from that, I value the gratitude attitude. And the ability to be patient and redha in most of the situation. For instance, never utter inappropriate words or swear (because for some it is cool, seriously?). No offence, but in my opinion, those who swear a lot automatically look like they come from low class people although they are somewhat wealthy, not to mention those who are already penniless.

I remember an old man whom his home had burnt to ashes last few weeks but all he said was, "It's okay. Allah wants to take it." When asked why he was so calm, he said it is because if he does not redha, then he will be very sad, miserable to the point that he cannot continue doing other ibadah wholeheartedly.

Lastly, I value most the smallest unit in society; family. I know I might not be perfect to say something related to this but, I really want people out there to value their family. Never ever leave their partner out of the blue, for the reasons that both could handle it first in effective approach. As long as your partner does not kill someone, or try to kill you I guess eventually everything should be fine. After all, life can always get rocky at times. Whether it is in q1, q2, q3, or q4.

What we should treasure is the moment when we have our biggest and sincere laughters and smiles. Some people should read this. Seriously. It does not matter how high your expectation is, what matter most is whether or not you can stay by her/his side no matter what 'til death do us part (cliche) because for goodness' sake, people change.

Until next post, see ya!

Next post: I plan to share some of my childhood memories. 


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