Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dear Farah...

Thank you..:)

a gorgeous long green veil from farah..i'm already 21..:(

What a nice person you are, Farah. I'm glade u r my friend. I hope and pray that our friendship would last forever.May success follow you, under His shelter wherever you go...:)

Kinda always,^^

Je t'aime ma chérie..Farah! :)

Thanks to all dear friends and classmates who wish me my birthday, and sing the birthday song in PTE class as well, LOL..[I can sense the puzzled look from Sir Sharif, thank God he didn't mind ..]

p/s-I always miss the moment where I can have all my loved ones at home on my birthday..pretty upset this to cheer up!^^ [my 21st birthday was on 9th..(only a week afterwards I had the chance to post an entry bout it..what a proc)]


  1. adda...should write 22...hehe
    jus kidding...
    de rien, merci beaucoup de amie :D

    hope that our frenship will last forever 2..
    may Allah bless u always

    fz :P

  2. i more thing. that's so sweet of u!!

  3. 22 for next year, insyaAllah..:P

    ur the sweetest!LOL...

    ~may we both reach His love in our journey~