Sunday, October 18, 2009

Drive Carefully, Unless You Would Jeopardize Others.

I was taken aback. To death.

Why? Because 2 accidents happened-- two days in a row, in front of my eyes; with the other one I experienced it with some other friends, precisely at about 11.30 noon just now.

Plus, I never experienced a car accident until today.

Accident #1:

I was talking about taking my driving license with my sister when suddenly a car hit the road divider and nearly fell into the drain. It was the first accident which I mentioned earlier.

Accident #2:

My friends and I were in the 4-wheels car. My friend was driving in her lane when we reached a t-junction where without a proper signal, another car from the lane beside suddenly turn right into her lane; heading into the junction. What else could be expected? Collision of course. BAM! Our car hit his; left the door quite a huge damage and several scuff marks. (The rest? I can say that it's in a good progress).

Thankfully, both are minors, though.

Moral of the story: If you happen to be the witness of any accident, regardless of how careless or how 'funny' the accident could be, please don't forget that; Allah's watching. (This is for me, especially)

Innalillahi wa innailaihirajiuun. (We came from Him, and we shall return to Him)

P/s-increasing my phobia, after all...nauzubillah.



  1. b careful...
    sometimes, we are too 'skema'..follow all the rules...but coz of other fault, we be the witness of an accident...

    moga Allah sentiasa melindungi kita.

  2. yes..thanks my dear for ur advice..^^