Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Repercussions

Salam Alayk..

So this is me writing again. I keep 'peeping' into others' blogs, you see, these days, without any subtle feeling that can be absorbed into my soul to write, after 'peeling' the links(formerly with a hope that I would have some motivation to write here upon reading those entries). Perhaps I have been thinking about too many future matters which are technically throwing me into unknown zone in mind. I have been thinking about several stuff that need to be confidentially mentioned.(Only for close people to know).

Oh, hey, wait for a moment! It doesn't mean that those people who I do not really close with are less important to me. I know that you come in my life for a reason that only God knows. I positively take my stand on that. So here I am to share something again. .

What a piece of chicanery, of fraud!

That would be the most suitable expression for my entry this time. It is an expression of frustration, for a creature called human, and sad it has something to do with people who I started to feel like a close friend.

I doubt it very much whether things would be like days before this charlatan change the way I view a second degree friend. And in a way, it ruins my view on first degree friend, too. It might take time for me to adjust my negative perceptions on friends or TRUST. It is considerably agreed that all things happen as a trial. And a trial has it repercussions. (Which are almost bad, for people who are weak. )

For one who experienced tribulations which involve someone who nearly becomes our close ones, it is difficult to be brave and strong at heart when at the same time the repercussions trigger distrust, lust, and bitter feeling that you can feel amongst you and the person.

But as a Muslim, I would improve my view on this matter. Worse things can happen most when it hasn't anticipated. So I think I better put my expectation in a modest way (after initially preventing any miserable mistake.)

In some extent, when all things have been taking to avoid the worst, it is good that we can retain in mind this piece of saying by our Prophet (PBUH):

Nabi SAW bersabda bermaksud: “Tidak ada sesuatu menimpa seseorang Islam sama ada kepenatan, kesakitan, kesusahan memikirkan perkara yang akan datang, kedukaan, sesuatu yang menyakiti, atau kesusahan mengingatkan apa yang berlaku sehinggakan tikaman duri mencucuknya melainkan Allah hapuskan dengan sebabnya, sebahagian dari dosanya.” (Hadis riwayat Abu Sa’id al-Khudri dan Abu Hurairah)


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