Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Too Much: You Can Simply Walk Away Now

As those days passed me by,
My heart wrenched out of the joy as the old me turns out different (I guess so)

I am no longer the old me in,
Yet I am as every one still think me as before.

Not everyone I met really know who I am,
As I never reveal the real me to all, you see.

Am I selfish? Or am I inferior?
Not really, I can say.

But, to be who I am today,
There are plenty of things I need to counter (you may guess)

I appreciate those souls,
Souls where good and pious heart live.

But there also some villains,
Inside and outside me, keep chasing after.

Then I come back to the first thing I should grip,
Thing I used to think, over and over.

In this world where the end is confusing,
I choose to stay behind Him.

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