Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Not Between You and The Pessimist

Lately, I am in despair. I always feel something deep inside my heart. But this time, I choose to let the things go. Forgive and forget is the best way. And when I forgive someone, I will forget him/her straight away. No longer has any nice memory with. That could be the suitable punishment for that person or me myself. Yeah, I am not that good in wholeheartedly forgiving coz most of the time I am a sensitive person. So don't ever mess with me. I would always wear my hat of disguise in front of you. But like what one ever told me, "Pura-pura baik lama-lama jadi baik sungguh". That just the beginning of my attempt to be a wholeheartedly forgiving person. Yeah, whatever!


Let's ponder upon these:~~~~

Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of choice;
Not something to wish for, but to attain.-William Jennings Bryan

Surround urself with people whose definition of you is not based on ur history,but ur destiny.-T.D Jakes

Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.-Jonathan Swift

What will u do today, that will matter tomorrow?-Ralph S.Marston, Jr.

If u do what u've always done, u'll get what u've always got.

Our deepest fear is not that we r inadequate,Our deepest fear is that we r powerful beyond measure.-Marianne Williamson

The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us-Ralph Waldo Emerson

(This part I love the most):

People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered;
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway!

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and true enemies;
Succeed anyway!

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway!

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;
Build anyway!

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway!

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;
Do good anyway!

Give the world the best you have,and it may never be enough;
Give the world the best you got anyway!

At the end, it is between you and Allah;
It was never between you and the pessimist anyway!

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  1. Sayang are you alright? come back here cepat-cepat ek then we can share our thoughts together.

    Don't ever let negative thoughts bring you down. Be strong, always, eh?

    Miss you already. :)

  2. thanks for droppin' by kak..huhu..slowly recover from a painful feeling. Cut deep thru my heart.(ecece). whatever.(yeah, nt kita ceciter same2..hohoho~)

    actually, im alright. ye...nak sangat balik shah alam cepat2...hoho..banyaknya benda nak kena setel di sini sana~~~