Sunday, July 8, 2012

Experience Leads Wisdom

Precious things in life.

What we thought could be a wonderful thing in other's life, wouldn't be the same as what we thought if that thing happens in our life. Why? Because each of us lead different paths of lives. Maybe the 'gift' of others wouldn't do much to ours at the very moment. So much times, we only regard life is what it shows us on its surface. And yet, we were told about the very lasting life; hereafter. So, we tend to uphold and be impressed with those lives of others, that were portrayed and seen to the 'audience' as good as they could. Though it brings many goodness, it also leads to false perception if do not measured carefully. We are dying to get into and imitate other's 'perfect' life while we are forgetting to fix ours.

"Life is not a book." Book is written by human. And human aren't perfect, although very much noticed for how much human adore perfection, though it is just an illusion. So, as in books, so much so there are so much the happy endings scripted is when the main character is still alive. Compare to what Islam has taught us, the meaningful and priceless happy ending is when one returns to his Lord with qalbun saleem (purity of heart), full of taubah (repentance), and the most of all, with the bear witness in mind of there is no God except Allah, and Muhammad (PBUH) is the messenger of Allah. This is what happy ending is all about.

Yet, little of us can really teach us about this. The only things we are told to focus on is still on our stops in life, that leads us to regard them us our destination. For instance, marriage. It is one of the important pit-stops in life, but it is not our destination. But we are so into it, that many of us think that only with marriage we can be viewed as 'perfect' to continue our journey to spread Islam. I do not say that marriage is not important, however I consider it as more meaningful if the marriage built is intended to strengthen the dakwah, not to START it.

Experience leads wisdom. Wisdom is a beautiful thing on earth, that Allah swt grants His slaves to ponder upon experience He has given. Always we stumble on many difficulties in life, just to notice many other small things that we overlooked before. We are like that most of the time, don't we? Trying to disbelief how awful life could be back then, never expect that it could happen to us. But slowly, as time flies, as many awesome things occur afterwards, we begin to accept our flaws in life. Those perfection is not for us, simply because no one is perfect. And we begin to realize how much human tend to conceal their defections in their factitious story everywhere, making empty hearts longing for the life they have written. It is okay as they presume it as motivation for others, but only little of them could actually put the sign 'be careful because my life is not yours' or something alike.

One useful tip; remember that our shoes are not all the same size, or at least we do not even have a hundred percent similar taste of anything. The end.

Thank you for reading.
Rise up for salvation! ^_^

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