Friday, June 26, 2009

Memang betul pun..

"Tiada pembicaraan rahsia antara tiga orang melainkan Dialah yang keempatnya dan tiada (perbicaraan antara) lima orang melainkan Dialah yang keenam dan tiada (pula) perbicaraan antara (jumlah) yang kurang dari itu atau lebih melainkan Dia ada bersama-sama mereka dimanapun mereka berada kemudian Dia memberitakan kepada mereka pada hari kiamat (nanti) apa yang telah mereka kerjakan. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui segala sesuatu." ( Maksud Surah Al-Mujaadilah:7)

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful..

Actually I have a lot to share with you out there. But I guess time constraint would never compromise me to do so. So I just summarize what I actually think in a few days ago. There were so many things happened, and also there were so many stories and dramas I watched back then during my holiday at home, (when I had nothing to do)..turned on the tv and I got so many dramas to watch. Most of them are not so realistic; name them; Bio-Nik, Kasut Tumit Tinggi, Zati dan Si Mawas, Keliwon, La Dolce Amira etc..etc..etc..none of them could bring us to think in depth about what is actually happened in our country; and our Islam as addeen.
Do you really know what is happening in our country by all the absurdities? It is totally outrageous; the appearance of the actress and actresses.. lebih omputih dari omputih. But then again, there was a drama that finally had grabbed my attention. I watched "Murabbi" on Astro Oasis that night, I already forgot the date, but it made me think of a desperate and crucial need of indirect counselling towards anyone of us. The story is about a teacher quit her job just because she wanted to fulfill the last wish of her former educator at her previous learning institution. She had done a great contribution, and sacrificed a lot. Well, that's the only thing I can plot. (I hope I can tell you more but I think it would be better if I let you watch it yourself). In everything we do in life, we are not aware of what we actually do unless there is someone hold you and be your guide. And you will find that what you are today is more or less is a result of people around you; whether they play important roles or not.I remember my mom said that the films and stories which had been proposed and shown in theatres were not that well-pictured to make teenagers think of what is actually happened in our country; or even the new social problems phenomena that come in so many brands; rempit, bohsia, anak halal, etc..etc..etc..the producers, actress, actresses just think of the money of their investment! They think of strategies to sell their story, target audience...and that's it! They would never bother to think about, "do the teenagers actually feel sorry on what they had done?" No! They never discuss it further. In fact, they just think about,"am I professional and expert enough to act the character? My appearance is not bad ah? Aiyahh..this is all to my fans out there.." And it is the same for the typical audience; they would never go to cinema if it is not for fun! Do you think there are funky teenagers who are ill-behaved would be remorseful once they watch the pictures ?...
watching of these days' favs

What next? I don't have the answer. But do you know what? As long as our teenagers and society is been indulged with that kind of entertainment (and not to mention, the reality tvs), the social problems would never go down and it's time for us to stop thinking; ,"jaga tepi kain sendirilah! kubur masing-masing.."
If so, then why must someone else buries you if it's not because we'll be asked about whatever we do as a vicegerent whom has mind to think?
suka atau tidak,kita akan mati apabila sampai masanya

Rasulullah SAW bersabda sewaktu beliau ditanya, "Apakah deen itu?" Beliau menjawab dengan sabdanya, "(Deen itu) adalah akhlak yang baik." (Hadith riwayat Muhammad Ibn Nasr al-Maruzi secara mursal)

Beliau juga pernah ditanya "Apakah kecelakaan itu?" Beliau menjawab dengan sabdanya,"(Kecelakaan itu) ialah akhlak jahat." (Hadith riwayat Abu Daud dan Ahmad secara mursal)


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