Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Traditional Kills Her.

"Pemalasnya!" -answer she would get if she wanna use washing-machine rather than wash with hand.

"Itu pun tak tau ke?" -a cynical question she would get if she asking about traditional stuff.

"Pelik" -a statement she would get if she comfortable studying using her lappy rather than reading from thick books.

So, if she is around 'them', she rather silent than speak.

But she begin to do not care, since all of the signatures coming from those who are not in the same jargon with her.

The way she live her life is quite different than them since she was small. And, to be fair, she is not so that into traditional stuff, after all. But that doesn't mean she leave her religion lesson. Never.

But, one thing she appreciate, they were so helpful; thing she can't deny. And never could she find it elsewhere. However, she really afraid, for she only can be herself when they are not around. Carefree to think, to smile, to laugh when they are not around. How can she fix this? Still, she find no answer. At all.


  1. unique n differences among people surrounding us...
    some might not understand us.. just ignore them.. sooner or later "they" have to accept the "real" you..
    ~just an opinion~

  2. it's true. in fact, some of our uniqueness are proven to be our strengths in a way that we do not expected..