Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chasing Back My Beautiful Dream

Salam ALayk!

It is like, something touch and wake me up. Now I am holding back to it. A dream where I kept it away, not so long time ago. How I spend my time thinking of what it will be if I ever painted my way on that path. But today, I am pretty sure, that this time, I decided to get back to where I should be. Thanks a lot my deary educators who bring me back the memory of my passion!

p.s Having Friends That Make You Feel Better When You Think You Are A Mess or stupid is A Blissful Thing.

But Think of It Again.

Thing can be upside down. Vice Versa.

So Just Be Careful.

p.s.s I should thank numbers of my supportive friends around me..(they know who they are)
THANKS!! *^_^*

Still survive,
Teacher To Be


  1. hait adawiyah !

    we always got the chance !


    mari kita sama2 berjaya.