Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Friend Can Come With This Too, You See

Delicious and tasty creamy chocolate cake given by Azni yesterday. You can see (and even nicer-sense the delightful smell and taste) the chocolate rice on the edge of the delicious chocolate topping, decorated with even creamy and balanced light chocolate cream.

The layers inside of it. It has three layers which were coated by creamy vanilla cream (alternately layered with the chocolate mixture) and was topped with a chocolaty topping at the outside. Perfetto de creammo!

p/s-Thanks Azni. Im very thankful to have friends--especially the rajin-to-treat-me like this..(hoho..dahsyat) Next time I will looking forward to cook (or make??) my own cheesy wedges and hand you some to taste them...:D. Pray for me to successfully do so. So...That's a BIG CHALLENGE to myself!


  1. g bi kfc sudey.haha

  2. ala..kfc mahal. buat sendiri leh makan byk2..(kalo sedap la)+air tangan sendiri+ satisfaction+ well, u know exactly what i mean...ngee~