Thursday, April 15, 2010

Though I Was Left Far Away Behind...

Guess what is this

Yes, 2 meters long bandage just for my ankle..:)

Salam Alayk!

Last week, was a very static week for me (and I do not like it). Three days in a row, I was doing nothing, just bedridden. It was because the accident (?) I was in and it had given impact to my leg. Pain in my left ankle, and couldn't walk at all. I am grateful to have all princesses around me to help and do the 'day care' for me. To go to the bathroom, to perform my solah, to wash hands before eating, to carefully wrapped my left foot with the have my 'pesanan' on food and etc..I was very thankful. I remember when Farah helped me to stand up, I couldn't bare the pain and was about to shed my tears. But she said, "Please do not cry..if not, I will cry too." And I kept myself strong, though it was really hard for me to walk.

The day after, I went to the health center, with Sis Adilah and Diyana, where it was my first experience using the wheelchair. And oh Allah! It was so unbelievable. I kept asking myself, "Am I really disabled or something?" (because I never thought I will be using one). It was really a lame-person-experience when every pair of eyes around looking at you, as if you were an alien. Since on that particular day, I was the only patient who using wheelchair at that particular time, so you can imagine how other people perceive me. But it's ok, as long as I have Sis Diyana with me at that time.(yeah, you must have a companion like her^^)

Sis Diyana was there, every single time, and helped me with the unfamiliar-looking-and-features of wheelchair. As the time passed by and my left leg was x-rayed and diagnosed, it was still a tough moment to handle. Then I realised, there were so many things I have to put aside. The day after, after a good care from the princesses, the pain slowly gone. Yet, things and jobs come to me in such 'mushrooms after the rain', since I already paused my activity for a while. I managed to do only few things when I was bedridden. So, I know I was left far away behind. Nevertheless, I want to get back into the track. I know most of my friends are in front, but the time is not over yet. As I write this, there are still numerous academic things to do:-

1.Read for CNI and School Counselling Test
2.Research Proposal
4.Course Design
5.Learning Excursion

then i'm off to final examination...i will chase after what i was left behind classmates, missing all the times that we should spend together (LOL)..



  1. ok sis. you can do it!~ now you're back on your feet. Believe in yourself. and put faith in Allah. HE will help you get through anything. All the best for this finale. :)

  2. whoa you'd really read this entry..:)...I dunno whether my English up there is ok or not,feeling like I have to practice all over again...huhu..what a junk!