Friday, September 16, 2011

New Chapter Begins

Salam Alayk..

I just want to write something beneficial here. But does not touch about my pathetic life or what so ever. Something that my readers could have at least think of. But again, as I wondering around in this blogosphere, not only facts and those out of the box things are beneficial (to me). Sometimes, it can be just experience of others shared in theirs' could be as a quick guide for me. It's a retrospection. Ponder upon what have we done for those years.

Doing Fardhu Kifayah

Of all years, here I am again to do all sorts of 'fardhu kifayah'. I will be teaching English during this approximately six months. Also lead those comrades in my same school of thoughts. Why? I don't think that I am that capable actually. But, I thought of this things happen, because there is no one left to hold the position. I mean, no one bear to stick to what it takes to do those things. I hope I can train my sisters and brothers and friends to replace me. ;p

Learn English is fun, you know. For me, personally I am more positive when I talk in English. But yeah, there must be people out there to say that I must be some sort of lupa diri and what not. But, it's true. I was grown up in fun and positive environment of English, so it shaped my language believe somehow. Even then, I am not denying the important of Arabic language as we need it to recite Quran and perform Islamic obligations.

However, I am still wanting to overcome this shyness of me. Whenever they were no people (especially Malay) who can talk English, I would not talk in English. Because for me, I am not good in tolerating 'rojak'. It's a no-no for me most of the time. Unless I am teaching my students, who need to understand the syllabus and stuffs. So, not many people outside of my jargon would know that I can speak the language. Cause I tend to hide it. There is one moment where, people looking at me as if I am weird, speaking English in front. I know they were admiring my slang for most of them telling me, but it can't be helped for me to feel alienated. :P

*during cairex expo (once upon a time of me)

And yes, there are thousands of them who are even better than me. I am just an educator to be, who still have tons of journey to be explored. Yeah, I am not that good. But just try to be good. For whatever it is, I have Him.

p/s-Always be realistic and stick to your ground in a moderate way. Wishing everybody a good journey ahead.

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