Friday, September 16, 2011

Sometimes It Helps.

(Just another rambling)

Dunia itu wujud. Jangan tidakkan dunia itu.

Where negative people and their stuffs hidden. In their world, there is no chance people can be happy. No chance people can change. Even if The Powerful said, He is the most merciful, those people still view things and other people as NOT FUNCTION at all. Being over critical and criticize until all things viewed as bad.

There are still thousands people with this attitude. They love it when you down. They love it when you can't be given chance to prove your own enthusiasm. For me, life gives me lots of lessons. To endure my beliefs in hard times, and realize how I can be good with bad things.

All in all, those are my future generations ahead. Full with negative thoughts on others. Or being too perfectionist in life. Well, I leave it to Him. None can judge others, so I must be careful too.


p/s-hidup tidak selalunya indah, seperti juga kita pernah menempuh kegagalan dalam hidup. Tapi setelah itu kita akan menyedari betapa berharganya pengalaman itu. Memang sukar untuk dihadapi pada mulanya. Namun sedarlah ALLAH tidak akan menzalimi hamba-Nya. Semoga tiada lagi kegagalan yang serupa di masa depan..=)

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