Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Being A Leader, You Will Always Feel Alone.

"Can I compare myself to this shiny ladybird? Surely not, because lonely, she is happy with the flowers~"

"Being a leader, you will sometimes always feel alone."

I will remember these words in my whole life. But life must go on no matter what. Thank God, there are still people who care, people who make you feel like there is at least a place you can rely and lean on. Thanks Kak Dil, Che Ngah, Kak Ilah...and all committee members of SCORE'09. I will never forget your kindness. Truly, I begin to hate Wednesday. (Istighfar..istighfar!) There's always dreadful things happened (i really hope it is past) on Wednesday.

Well, I know a fact that not all things perfect. But the way some of them act would somehow or rather fade my spirit. At least say a concrete reason because all of us have been working and giving the very best. I just hope I have the strength to bear with whatever obstacle to come. (O Allah, please help me with Your eternal guidance.) Now I know understand why Kak Mas uttered these words to us. The meaning lies whenever you have problem, or things to settle. Kak Mas is right. Being a leader, you will always feel alone.



  1. same goes to me adda~ erm..??

  2. huhu...should say that we just have to ignore unpleasant things on our way to success! miss u very much my dear!!

  3. being a leader is not for popularism but it is a burden on our shoulder. Be the best leader. our prophet is the best leader of the world.

  4. yup, we should ignore unpleasant things. miss u also my dear (",)

  5. tg: being a leader, there's hard decision to make because we always feel in between our personals and society's benefits. Our prophet(pbuh) is the best leader for he(pbuh) is maksum. But still, he is our 'qudwah hasanah. So by right we should try as much as we can. Thanks for droppin' by and ur advice!

    akma: akma raya ni mai umah!(sunnat muakkad)^0^