Friday, September 25, 2009

"Stories" From My Childhood...

Last night, before she went to bed, my youngest sister, Kakak asked me to read her a book. I looked at the title, "40 Stories". So I spent some time read the book to her. (It is really read to sleep + bedtime stories actually) I asked her to choose a story. The nine-year-old tyke nonchalantly pointed to a page in the book. She asked me to read her "Abi Qalabah's Dream".

After that, I also read her other stories from the book.Reading this kind of story actually gives me a nostalgic feeling of my childhood. I remember when I small, my dad used to buy volumes of such story book. Indeed, it is not merely a story book. It is neither fictions nor fairy tales. It is fact which guides us to think, and ponder on values lies in history. I read those stories when I small, and was really into them.


There is a history about Abi Qalabah dreams;he has seen a breach grave.The bodies are out, sitting on the edge of their graves.

However, none have signs on their faces which acquired as NUR. In his dream, Abi Qalabah also views one of his neighbours in the same situation. He asked him about the absence of the dead neighbour's Nur. Conversely, the neighbour said,
"Indeed, for those who acquire the Nur is because the doa from their children and friends. Unfortunately, my children are not doing good deeds and do not pray for me."

After hearing the answer, Abi Qalabah instantaneously awake. On the same night, without wasting any time, Abi Qalabah calls the neighbour's children to tell about what he have dreamt about their father. Hearing the case, the repented children promise in front of Abi Qalabah to pray and practice
charity for his father.

Not long time after that, Abi Qalabah once again sees his neighbour in his dream. However, this time, there is presence of NUR on his face and it's looked brighter than the SUN.


p/s: [notification for dear readers]

There are lots of assignments need to be settled, so I am going to put my blog in sleep mode until my study week..perhaps.<--means, I will search for an opportunity to update~...^^



  1. Salam..
    how nice, to grow up with these kind of stories
    excellent for the nourishment of young ones:)
    i grew up with Enid Blyton etc

  2. ws ika..
    actually i grew up with lots of reading stuff, not to be mentioned; doraemon, dragon ball, tatih..etc.

    I do read Malay and English fairy tales, but these kind of stories--islamic world history have a very special place in my memory..:)

    p/s:i also read enid blyton series during my girlhood, esp children investigation series, but in Malay..:P (Gemuk dan Rakan2)
    Now i have "THE FAMOUS FIVE" on my shelf..:D