Monday, August 22, 2011

100% Move On



I've changed. I changed my layout again, just to be ordinary and simple, which I feel more like myself. Talking about simple, I still have this query in mind, 'why some people can become so selective in foods?' Yes, I made my observation during Ramadhan, and thank God I have my Mom cooking pre-dawn and break-fast meals for us most of the day. But my siblings and I stil went to the bazar(market), buying this and that. Especially beverages like Limau Kasturi and Ayam Percik. And when there are pile of meals on our dining table, I was like, 'I never ate these much before..' So, if I just eat one lauk for break-fast, my mom was like, 'kakteh, why did you not eating this take that too.' 'Knape, tak sedap ke tak makan?' The truth is, I just eat what is in front of my eyes..means, I will make sure that only my favourite dishes are nearest to my sit, and not wasting any time to prolong my hands to pour them into my plate and onto the rice. And another fact is, I am the one who do not have that skills to eat too many dishes at a time, means, I prefer one or just two dishes. In fact, I rarely eat vegetables. That's why my skin is not so beautiful like my youngest sister who is eating them frequently. (People always say your skin is beautiful because you eat vegetables and drink lots of plain water.But I do think that it can be natural in many ways). And talking about pile of meals we have here, I suddenly think of those people in many poverty-striken countries who rarely eat what we have here. How different. We should be really grateful then.

Oh well, this post was actually just to say that, I'd move to anew look.



Hopefully this turn out well, for simple is the best, as always.

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