Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Man Jadda Wajada

Salam Alayk~

"Man jadda wajada, wa man zara'a hasoda."

Maksudnya, sesiapa yang berusaha maka dialah yang akan mendapatnya, sesiapa yang bercucuk tanam maka dialah yang akan menuainya.

This is one of Arabic's saying that my father used to tell me, and this is actually his favourite one. Whenever I feel bad about my progress in life, or exams, or I feel hesitate about future, he would always say those words to me.

I do feel that most of us have things in mind which sometimes could not be clarified with words. Our hardship which sometimes could easily bring us down. Or hard situations which we face in our 'checkpoint' in life which we believe none would face the same that he/she would understand what we are going through.

So, there would always be the time when we feel helpless or clueless. We start to ponder upon what we did but things are so irrelevant and impossible to be rewind. Yet we could not stop to where we are. We must face the challenge and strive forward. We must believe although it seems to be too hard. In front of us, there are what we call FUTURE.

Never give up hope. Allah still allow you to breathe at this moment, and I'm sure He would allow you to take many breathes ahead, plus the barakah you search if you are keen enough to find your peace in remembering Him in every breathe you take. Just do whatever you can, and leave the rest to Allah.

Hm..actually,I was worried with my final semester. This is what I call 'Episod Getir' in my life. After this, I am not sure of what I would bring up in future. Where will I end up to, or when I would end my career to pursue my dream in life. Cause I once had this dream to open a tuition centre, and paying all those debts before I pass away. But till now, I'm not sure about it cause my path seems to be very bushy so far.

But in my journey, at every steps that have been taken, I did found many inspiring people. Apart from my parents, there are few of them who had also lighten up my trail. Who are they? They are people who seldom critics but encourage. Seldom order but nurture. And through their figures they bring up more spirit in people to be better.

I hope I can be such person too. To raise future caliphs, no matter who they are. Although I am pretty sure today's challenge is not like those days..where there were no internet, no cellphone invented, no facebook and such. As a future educator, I am aware that there are some biased, impolite, and many weirdo persons in this incredibly webbies, that making teaching attitude is another mission impossible. But, I believe there are still many muslims who are good at hearts and wanting to see their future leaders are among those who making good deeds, for in Islam, Allah loves those who make good deeds.


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