Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Got News!

When there's nothing left to help, it hurts inside; when you can just say to a person who is having a big problem in life: "be patient."

Taken from somewhere (I can't trace back the track, but just remember the words):

"When you have problem, don't say, "Oh My God, I have a big problem!"
Instead, you must remember to say, " Hey Problem, I have a BIG GOD!"

(Allah is the Almighty!...)

Well, it is true that things are easier said than done. At the meantime, I could just pray. Pray so that all of the problems would be healed. Sooner or later. There's might be something behind all things happen.

p/s-The news is, two friends of mine are facing with terrible tragedy. One involved in a car accident, and the other one got into a motorbike accident. In pain; confused. Distracted. And distressed. So, it is kind for all of you out there to pray for their recovery. Thanks a million times...

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