Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nu Sem: It's All About Your Mind Setting

Everything above can be regarded as my 'gizmo' in study, minus the calculator..=p

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Intention. Why am I learning? That’s a question. Simple for me, I love my course. I love my subjects. I love my lecturers. OMG, am I too optimistic about everything? No. Actually I am just like others. I have my weaknesses in certain areas. But as long as I know, we ought to learn not only for the purpose in this world, but also for Him--to cater for His love. Just now was my first class for this sem, and I entered the class with a weird feeling. Long time do not see my friends. First person whom happened to greet me before we entered the class was Hafiz, our new class rep for counseling subject. And the second person was Syaza, whom said I am skinner than before. :D. Perhaps I am. Everyone seems chubby on this new day. First class to enter, was the counseling class.

The air is tough. But seeing Puan Hajah entering the class as our lecturer for this subject is a relief. Plus, she is the advisor for the PMFP (Faculty of Education’s Student Society). She said in her vigorous smile,”This subject is a dry subject. But I am going to make it interesting for you. You can hate the subject, but do not hate the lecturer". We laughed nonchalantly in our excitement and nodded because we realize it better. 4th sem. Hope there’s nobody feel tired already to spend and go through this new sem.

I have to read a lot and socialise in groups. And heaps of memorizing is counted too. Then, first activity was talking to your friend besides you about what you had done during holiday, and problems you had to face a year back. Like releasing all hitches from your body. I shared my story with Ayuni and Azni.~_~. We got our first textbook; The Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy. Puan Hajah said she is ex-Kisasian. Really? I don’t know it before (now I know). Ok, talking about problem, I got problems back then. One of them was when I had a baffled dilemma about my minor in Tesl. What am I going to take as minor since I am literature-oriented student. However, my friends around me kept encouraging me to take counseling. And another friend ask me to do solat istikharah (perform a pray to ask for guidance from Allah). So, I did it but it was not that frequent. There’s my junior ask me about how the accuracy of this solat.

"What will Allah makes to show us the true way?" Hmm..that’s a tough question. I also wonder about that. So, you guys out there? Do you know how? =P. Personally, I think there’s an answer when we find it ourselves; whether the things we want to make up or choose is right or not. For instance, you will have the feeling of unpleasant or displease towards a thing you want to choose between two(or more)of crazes. So, that would be more or less is the answer. Or suddenly something happen that makes you change your mind towards your previous in waiting choice. But most of people I ask would say that Allah shows the correct answer by dream. Sometimes we would vision about the preference in our dream. I also read about the good dream where usually it will happen during early morning; in the period of two of third quarter in the night.

“Guide us on the right path.” 1:5 (Al Fatihah)

My other dilemma is, after I finish my degree, what should I become first? Gaining experience as a teacher first, or taking for my master, and then poof! I am a lecturer! A teacher will probably becoming a lecturer in his/her way later on, but lecturers are rarely (or none?) to leave the job to become a teacher. (Well, I guess life is not that easy). As a Muslim, I must think of moderation and my contribution as a Muslim. What can I do if I am a teacher. Or a lecturer. Both are educators. But the only difference is the way I am going to teach—the early and late teenagers (or young adult, eh?). So, I am hoping for Allah’s help. (Indeed, Allah is always helping).

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